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Agie Charmilles
Belmont Technologies
Cammann Inc.
Carbon Products, Inc.
CDM Rovella SPA
Cedarberg Industries Inc.
Chevalier Machinery Inc.
Ching Hung Machinery
Conex Cable, Inc.
Current EDM Inc.
DIXI Machines, Ltd.
DoAll Company
Ecotech Machinery Inc.

EDM Network Inc.
EDM Solutions, Inc.
EDM Supplies, Inc.
Electro Arc Manufacturing Co.
Electrodes, Inc.
EROWA Technology Inc.
Everest Industries Corp
Extrude Hone Corp
Fanuc/Methods EDM
Gaiser Tool Company
GISCO Equipment, Inc.
Gromax Enterprises
Hansvedt, - Arrow EDM Service
Hardinge Inc.
Hausermann Abrading Process Co.

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